GunZ The Duel

🙂 Hey guys! Sorry for the late post, was drafting out the post so that you guys can read the final post easily.

Without further ado, I would share about one of my favorite past time game, GunZ The Duel.

This post aims to share with you guys the unique mechanism GunZ has, as well as my game play experience and personal opinions in it, coupled with posts from other bloggers. The next section would be a brief summary of what GunZ is. If you want to get into the gist of GunZ immediately, skip to the section called “Game Modes“.

Background Information

GunZ The Duel, also known as GunZ, is an online third-person shooting game created by a South Korean-based company called MAIET Entertainment.

GunZ was first managed on an international gaming portal by IJJI games and was recently managed by Aeria Games gaming portal in early 2012.

The game is free to play, and you could choose to purchase premium in-game items using real cash in order to get extra benefits like having better armors and weapons.

The main two weapons in this game consist of the melee weapons, the sword and the dagger, and a variety of ranged weapons.

The main reason why I enjoy this game is because it allows players to perform gravity-defying action moves, including wall running, stunning, tumbling, and blocking bullets with swords.

These are actions mostly depicted in action movies, and I really love this concept of being able to act them out in the virtual environment.

Game Modes

  • Deathmatch (DM) – A platform where every player could join anytime and defeat as many players inside the game.

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM) – Same concept as DM, just that you are tasked to work as a team to bring every member of the opposite team down. Auto balancing will be done to make each team have equal number of players each round.

  • Assassination – Same concept as TDM, just that there’s a VIP for each team. When the VIP of the opposing team is defeated, the team wins the round.
  • Gladiator – A replica of DM, only melee weapons are allowed.

  • Team Gladiator – A replica of TDM, only melee weapons are allowed.

  • Training – A mode to practice skills and chat with other players in a relax environment. Kill/death rate or experience would not be affected.
  • Quest – Team up with friends to take down goblins, skeletons, lizards. There would be challenging stages and bosses available too.

  • Duel – A platform where one player versus another player (1v1) takes place. If one wins a match, they will then face off against the next player in line. If they lose, they would go to the “end of the line” and wait for their turn again.

In naveen’s blogpost on Gunz, he mentioned that “Dueling in GunZ the Duel is by far the biggest and most challenging game mode. It is the place to show off your solo skills.”

I agree with his statement deeply and dueling is my most favorite mode in GunZ. Unlike team plays where it requires team work or death match whereby everyone just targets each other mindlessly, the duel mode requires intensive skill of an individual to pit against the opponent that you’re facing.

The health and armor points would reset after each round, thus players can just fight using their best ability after each round. It is a practice that no health kits, an item to replenish health or armor points, are allowed to be used in dueling as it is a foul if anyone is caught doing so. I like this concept as it depicts the scene whereby in a war, the best man survives during the moment of showdown.

Although premium items ( items that are bought using real life cash ) affect your survivability and damage output to the opponent, they are not as important as the skill set of an individual, which affects the outcome of the duel.

Hope you guys had enjoyed the videos 🙂


Some of you might have noticed the move-set used in the above videos. Most of players are using the Korean style move-set a.k.a K-style.

The reason why it is named as K-style is because Koreans first invented these moves.

K-style is a set of moves that make use of the animations executed in the game to do certain stunts. These stunts are used in combat to make your movements unpredictable and strategical.

The K-style moves are the main reason why people are attracted to this game as it makes the game fast paced and action packed.

Personally, I do know how to execute most of the K-style moves and I really enjoy using them in combat.

If you are interested in knowing more about them, this site is a good read. In addition, this is the GunZ forum that I always frequent. It has all of the information about GunZ that you can find there.

There are other styles out there but they are not that popular and are seldom used because in my opinion, K-style:

  1. Is much more efficient in combat.
  2. Is easier to learn compared to other styles.


Personally, I had rate this game 8/10 because it is a really unique game compared to most normal Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)  or First Person Shooting (FPS) games. It is a one-of-a-kind game which requires more of one’s skill than any other factors.

However, I dislike the fact that despite the complexity of the game, leading is still needed when playing with far distance players. This is a video on leading.

As such, I have personally switched to a private server called DarkGunz which supports anti-leading. Although this game is not a hit now, I would play it occasionally during my free time as it never fails to bores me.

Here are some of the screenshots I had taken while playing the game.

Me taunting to the Mona Lisa picture in one of the maps in DarkGunZ.

A picture of me wall running against a wall.

A duel against a fellow player inside DarkGunZ

Won again and took the shot in another perspective.

If anyone is interested in this game, do comment below and I’ll answer any doubts of yours (: Thanks for reading!

P.S. Refer to the various relevant blog rolls for a better read up!


6 thoughts on “GunZ The Duel

  1. You seem to have great knowledge of the game! Is video gaming a source of distraction for you, now that MST is just around the corner?

  2. cyberafeed says:

    I must say that video games do distract me to a certain extent. However, I always make it a point to finish tasks I set for myself daily before thinking about them, so I guess it shouldn’t have a great influence on me (:

  3. FirdausKsm says:

    This game brings back so much memories. It is sad that it feel out of thread but i bet the audience would come back when Gunz2 is released. Good work on posting about the different styles and the game play.

  4. siddhuboy says:

    I’ve heard of Gunz bro! Dude you should totally play with my younger brother. He loves this games and abit too cocky about it too. You should teach him a lesson! you would be doing me a favor. hahaha! The game has cool fighting modes bro. Wall running you say? Now that’s a hard-on. Oh wait, i mean Turn on!

  5. Heng Yeow says:

    @ siddhuboy Haha, good to hear that your brother is playing. What do you think after reading this post? Are you fired up to play it? Haha

  6. Heng Yeow says:

    @Firdaus Yes it’s sad that the game isn’t very popular now even though it is a great invention. Yup, I’m looking forward to GunZ2 too! But the wait is way too long in my opinion..

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